How We Started Out

How We Started Out
It all started out digging through old childhood collections of Magic the Gathering cards, Marvel and DC Comics. The pandemic brought some spare time at home to everyone across the world. Within that search through basement boxes for old collectibles came a nostalgic feeling of days and years passed. Upon the realization that what was once a childhood past-time was now a mainstream success, the founder of brought it upon himself to start parting with his joyed childhood possessions so that others can experience the same level of enjoyment.

Fast forward to two years later, after selling through various third party websites, Kristofer decided to follow the natural progression of his business and partner with distributors across the United States. So that he may provide these same products brand new to customers throughout the country. Being a relatively young startup, and having staffing issues still lingering due to the pandemic, their locations hours are not open doors of a traditional 9-5 brick and mortar hobby shop. However, they do offer pickup on demand for local customers residing in Oakland County, Michigan just as many other brick and mortar hobby shops.

Inventory is expanding weekly, and you will find many desirables combing through their site. Some examples of products are booster packs, collector packs, boxes of cards, single issue comic books, and even some collectible toys. Some of the more notable products not seen in many other US storefronts are Wizards of the Coast Duelmaster’s box sets imported from Japan. This product is actually the only known time that Wizards of the Coast Ever reprinted the massively famous Black Lotus. Other notable products are box sets and packs from Magic the Gathering Double Masters 2022 Preorder, Battle for Baldur’s Gate, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Pokemon Astral Radiance, and Funko Pop Limited Edition Spider-man soda can.

Feel free to check them out, bookmark their site, and periodically check back in as any other rapidly growing business, inventory refreshes weekly.

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