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Magic the Gathering Bulk 590 Card Super Lot - TheCardGameStore SALE

Magic the Gathering Bulk 590 Card Super Lot

$350.00 $430.00
SKU: Bulksuperlot

In this Magic the Gathering bulk super lot, you will receive nearly 600 cards from sets ranging from Fourth Edition to Kamigawa Neon Dynasty. 

In this unique lot the breakdown is as follows:

100 common cards all of value or desirable.

130 Uncommons.

28 lands from varying sets.

25 Mythics. (Some high value gems in here)

180 Rares.

13 Special.

27 Tokens.


This whole set has a TCG Marketplace value of $430 if you bought all these cards through the cheapest sellers on marketplaces today. For both your and our convenience, this bundle can be yours for $350! 

Photo is of some of the actual cards you would be receiving!